Fishing on Great BayAbout PREP

The Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP) has been working to protect and preserve the Great Bay and Hampton-Seabrook Estuaries since 1995, when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designated these sources of recreation, commerce and inspiration as one of only 28 nationally recognized “Estuaries of Significance.”

While keeping watch over the Seacoast’s rivers, lakes, marshes and Great Bay for the last 17 years, PREP has invested more than $5.5 million in projects that have improved the health of our region’s estuaries. As a result of these initiatives, PREP has assisted its partner organizations protect 7,183 acres of land, restored 96 acres of wetlands and preserved 7.75 acres of Estuarine habitat.

Kayaking on Great BayThrough our water testing, monitoring and reporting efforts, our staff is able to keep Federal, State and Municipal leaders informed on the ever-changing conditions of our community’s water sources in the 52 Seacoast towns we serve.

As a convener, PREP works with leaders in both the public and private sector, environmental scientists, nonprofit organizations and residents to unite the Seacoast community and find solutions to ensure that the places we live, work and play will be around for future generations to enjoy.